Province 3 Minister Keshav Sthapit set for sack

Province 3 Chief Minister (CM) Dor Mani Paudel is preparing to remove Physical Infrastructure and Development Minister Keshav Sthapit for using unbecoming language. CM Paudel is coming to Kathmandu on Thursday to consult the Communist Party of Nepal (CPN) leadership about removing Sthapit.

A minister told Setopati that Sthapit used demeaning language with CM Paudel during the Cabinet meeting on Wednesday. “Sthapit presented himself in an unbecoming manner. He lost temper, and used unbecoming and demeaning language,” the minister added. “CM will take decision after consulting the leadership as it is the party’s government and the party has selected all the ministers.”

The minister revealed that the Cabinet meeting was discussing review of performance three months after the provincial budget was brought. “We were talking about lack of implementation of budget and lack of work. I don’t know what problems he had. He suddenly presented himself in an unbecoming manner in a loud voice,” the minister stated.

“We remain in the government accepting a person as our leader. It is the prime minister in the central Cabinet and CM in the province. He should have resigned if had differences in opinions. The government cannot function when a minister presents himself in an unbecoming and anarchic manner. CM will, therefore, consult with the party leadership,” the minister explained.

Minister Sthapit has been widely condemned in recent times after two female journalists accused him of sexual harassment, which he has vehemently denied, after start of the MeToo movement in Nepal.